Universal provides supply chains with complete automated material handling systems for high-mix, high-volume applications.  Systems integrate artificial intelligence with vision, grasping and motion control to give machines human-like flexibility at high speed.



Software with an IQ®

Our technology, called Neocortex, enables automated systems to handle high item variability, part change-overs, and deformable objects without fixturing.

Neocortex can do things that used to require labor

The software platform is hardware and sensor independent, providing a tailored configuration for low cost. It is fast, reliable, and accurate, delivering trend-setting levels of performance. Typical pay back is less than 18 months.


Bin Picking
Box Moving
Part Induction
Bag Handling
Order Fulfillment
Machine Tending
3D Inspection

In addition to custom applications, Universal sells prefabricated industrial robot work cells that ship as complete systems.  Called the Neocortex Goods to Robot Cells, they are designed to drop into existing human work cells on the supply chain without  reconfiguring the line.


It’s the Way the Real World Works

Learning happens where we interact with the world around us.  Sensing combines with movement and memory, resulting in cognition.  Neocortex closes the loop, coupling data with manipulation in real time.