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Neocortex G2R Cells are Easy to Deploy & Reassign

3D Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Neocortex G2R Cell / 06.03.20170 comments

A Neocortex® G2R (Goods to Robot) Cell is easy to deploy, like a collaborative robot. Yet it uses an Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot with up to twice the capacity and 150% the speed of a collaborative robot (up to 800 items per hour).

How easy is it to deploy the Neocortex G2R Cell? From delivery, it takes one day for the Cell to be running. See our fun time-lapse video here.  Our team then optimizes the robot and trains your operators. This contrasts with traditional integrated industrial robot systems that may take weeks before being ready to run.  The Cell’s deployment efficiency is comparable a collaborative robot’s average setup time.