Warehouse & Logistics Robotics WW Revenue Projected to Grow 64% CAGR

Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, Neocortex, Neocortex G2R Cell, Robotics / 30.05.20170 comments

Research and Markets projects that the global warehouse and logistics robot market revenue will grow from $1.9B in 2016 to $22.4B in 2021, and units from 40,000 to 620,000. Research Analyst Manoj Sahi states, “new robotics technologies that could yield a return on investment (ROI) in less time than it took a few years ago.” Two key areas the report points out are the growth of mobile robot platforms and industrial robot manipulators.

Universal Logic is delivering AI-based Goods to Robot Cells  smart enough to enable piece picking with human-like flexibility at maximum robot speed.  The Neocortex artificial intelligence is now making it possible for industrial robots to be smart enough to flexibly piece-pick a wide range of SKUs, handle a variety of incoming totes/bin/containers, and fast enough to exceed human throughput.  The compact, skid-mounted cell is can easily be retrofitted into a wide range of layouts. The 800 picks per hour enable low $7/hour operating costs.

Take a look at the summary of the research report here.


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