Neocortex AI enables smart flexible automated solutions.  It is part of our software platform Spatial Vision.  Together they handle sensor connection, calibration, PLC & robot communication, path planning, obstacle avoidance, vision guidance, inspection, database management, and learning.  The platform provides automation where currently labor is required.

See the difference between Neocortex and Spatial Vision here.

Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

  • Cycle times exceed humans by 25%: 600-1400 per hour
  • Handles thousands of different SKUs with the same workcell
  • 99.1% to 99.98% reliability
  • Accuracy of 0.25mm to 12mm (based on sensor choice)
“Universal Robotics has tackled the toughest robotic random bin picking problem and solved it!  High speed robotic picking designed for thousands of different items with 100% verification is unheard of.  I’ve been doing automation for 20 years, and what they have accomplished is brilliant.”
President, Pharmaceutical Automation Company

The software platform is sensor and machine independent, working with most sensor types and brands of industrial and collaborative robots, conveyors and other actuated machines. As hardware improves, systems are easily upgraded. Applications can also be retrofitted to existing systems, processes, and floor space, improving functionality.

Universal conforms to your specific need. We provide full system integrated turnkey solutions. Or, if all you need is Neocortex, we can work with your engineers, integrators and hardware vendors.


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