Universal Logic’s years as practitioners, implementing state-of-art automation, has given us deep insight into the interplay between invention and utility.  We have engaged with a spectrum of clients from technocrats to novices, on a range of industrial applications.  Through it all, one thing remains clear.  Success in deploying a complex, multi-technology solution – blending vision, AI and motion control, resides in the close interplay and analysis between these disparate engineering domains.  As magnificent as robots, sensors and algorithms are individually, it is their combination in service to an application that allows cutting edge automation to handle real-time dynamic variability. 

Our full-stack software, Neocortex, is comprised of DeepEye (AI), Autonomy (path planning and obstacle avoidance), and Spatial Vision (middleware).  It is machine agnostic.  The software provides a closed-loop, behavior-based system of sense/act/learn and represents a profound expansion of manufacturing execution systems (MES) in an area of Industry 4.0 know as IoRT (Internet of Robotics Things).  Neocortex is embodied, that is, physically in the world, controlling movement through space, and learning from that action.  This is a paradigm shift in the way to think about software.  Intelligence emerges because it has a physical form.  The software/hardware union and the environment constitute two halves of a complex dynamical system. Neocortex senses the environment and reacts, changing the environment which updates the sensing and behavior.  They are a closed loop.

Software structures easily allow for highly layered communications and decision making processes.  As exposure to new variables increases over time, a rich set of exception handling protocols develop in Neocortex.  The data base of retained and applied learning are brought to bear with every installation.  There is a direct corollary between robust behavior and the layers of decision making options the software evaluates in milliseconds before executing an action.  

The embodied character of Neocortex is reflected in Universal’s IOT profile, in that we are both a software developer and a system integrator.  This is a great strength.  Our intimate experience coupling the software and hardware, provides the real-world feedback necessary to perfect the craftmanship of Neocortex.  We also team with other integrators, who benefit from  our advice and sympathy as fellow integrators.   

Our time on the line has given us the humility to know where the state-of-art actually is.  Give us a call to discuss your application.  We are very generous with our knowledge.