The train is leaving the station. Pallet Sortation is a current oversight that can pay huge dividends for your bottom line. Universal Logic is proud to announce that we are underway with more than five industry giants. Our Pallet Sorter solution is returning investment in less than 12 months, and we’re ready to share these cost savings with you. 

In the distribution world, the most mundane, thankless tasks, like pallet sorting, are often overlooked. In the United States especially, there is almost no standardization regarding the type of pallets or consistency of quality. For many years, the adage of more is better has reigned supreme. Given this landscape, there are several major players in the pallet material handling industry, each providing slightly different products and services. 

An effect of this fragmentation, specifically with grocers, is that the pallets shipped to your facility are entirely determined by the vendor, not the buyer. With this condition, distribution centers are required to sort empty pallets and return them to the appropriate parties. 

While this may sound like a minor issue, large grocers can generate thousands of empty pallets a day, and before removal, they must be sorted by hand or by a forklift, if not several. 

So, how can you drive value and efficiency for a non-value-added task with serious labor commitment? Automated Pallet Sorting! But how can an Automated Pallet Sorter benefit your bottom line?

Off the bat, LABOR SAVINGS.

Based on our analysis, the average operator in most facilities can sort between 80 and 100 pallets an hour. With the Neocortex Pallet Sorter, we can achieve throughput speeds of over 350 pallets per hour, three times that of a manual operator. If you are sorting across multiple shifts, the labor savings could be astronomical, cutting your labor costs by at least two-thirds. 


The Neocortex Pallet Sorter takes up less of your warehouse than manual operation. Our base model takes up less square footage, and our accumulation lanes allow you to store complete pallet stacks within the system, giving your operators leeway without clogging up critical areas with pallet stacks.

But wait, there’s more: EQUIPMENT USE REDUCTIONS.

Manual sorting can be very taxing on a laborer, and given the sheer number of pallets, a single person cannot feasibly handle the entire volume of pallets on a given day. So, you use forklifts to help speed up the process. Forklifts will minimize the wear and tear on a human operator. But still, you’re committing monetary resources to one or potentially a fleet of forklifts just to sort. The Neocortex Pallet Sorter only needs part-time tending by a single forklift, allowing you to allocate those valuable resources elsewhere in your facility.


Are you struggling to keep employees? Don’t waste the skilled talent in your facility. Introducing automation can help provide a sense of ownership and experience they would not otherwise receive. Decrease your labor requirement for sorting pallets and increase employee buy-in by teaching them new skills.

But you could even generate ADDITIONAL REVENUE.

Once sorted, pooled pallets must return to their providers, but white wood pallets can be sold directly into the recycling market. If you sort through a third party, you are paying to remove whitewood pallets when you could be profiting.


Pallet sortation is by no means a new operational inefficiency. Your facilities may have already tried to drive efficiency for pallet sorting using an alternative product. Our Neocortex Pallet Sorter occupies less space, requires fewer operators, and is more accurate and robust than any alternative in the marketplace.

Interested in seeing more? Watch the sorter in action. Need more information? See what we have to offer.