Neocortex Software Platform

Neocortex® software is a real-time modular AI platform for robot control that extends perception, directs grasping, and guides robots. Deployment with robots results in humanlike flexible picking at high speed at half the cost of labor. Universal licenses Neocortex software by itself or includes it with pre-designed robotic work cells, called Neocortex G2R (Goods to Robot) cells.

Universal Logic is the leader in artificial intelligence, with AI-based robotic material handling systems for high-mix/high-volume applications operating for up to 4 years in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail supply chains.

Universal Logic announced a new version of its signature Neocortex platform designed for DIY engineers – Neo S.

Neo S

Neo S allows engineers to configure and deploy AI-based robot cells for variable picking in both manufacturing and consumer products supply chains.

Engineers will now be able to leverage Universal’s years of development and practical application experience with their own systems. The user assembles their own hardware and installs Neo S, which then gives the robot high-speed, AI-based, dynamic control that up till now required Universal’s engineering integration.

For a limited time only, Universal is inviting technicians, engineers, roboticists, and system integrators to sign up for free access to a beta version as soon as it’s available. Apply here.

Neocortex is architected to be independent of sensor type and brand, robot type and brand as well as number of axes, and type of end-of-arm tool.  This modular platform with parallel processing enables vision from microns to meters, the speed of industrial robots with the ease of collaborative robots, and a wide range of grasping , resulting in Flexibility @ Speed®:

  • Fast: Image processing < 100 ms; 3D & AI vision guidance 500 ms – 1200 ms
  • Flexible: Homogeneous or mix of cartons, bottles, tubes, cans, odd-shapes
  • Learns: Just pick it!, teach Neocortex, or reference a CAD model
  • Easy: Handles wide range of bins and containers with obstacle avoidance
Extends Perception
  • Locates difficult items
    • (shrink wrapped, odd shapes, clear windows)
  • Identifies challenging surfaces
    • (translucent, reflective, matte black)
  • Scans barcodes on six sides during picking
Directs Grasping
  • Tightly packed or random positions
  • Manages items with sorting levels, black list
  • Manipulates wide range of end of arm tools
    • (vacuum, 2/3/4-finger gripper, electromagnetic…)
Guides Motion
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic calibration
    • (popular sensors, major robot brands)
  • 6 DOF pick and place (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz)
  • Collision avoidance with path planning

Order Picking Videos

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